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What’s Included for every Pet Friend

We provide all of our animal friends with fresh filtered water daily, soft and freshly cleaned linens/blankets for bedtime and lounging, soothing music sounds throughout the house, constant supervision, love, and attention. It’s recommended that owners provide their own food due to each pets dietary needs and supplements. However, if needed both dry and raw food is available upon request and for an additional daily fee.

What’s Special for our Dog Friends

Our home offers a ½ acre lot with a fenced in yard, pool, sandbox area, and tropical forest for your dog to frolic in – alone or with other dogs. If your fur-baby is social, we have the perfect combination with our own dogs: two 7yr. Old Labs and a Chihuahua mix to play with. They will get lots of play time and rest, all with guaranteed supervision. If your dog is shy and only tolerates other dogs, we can accommodate that too: with all the love but no bothersome sniffing, bugging etc. We have an open toy box for all to enjoy with Kong toys, soft toys, chew toys, balls, and squeaky toys

Dog Boarding Prices and Requirements

1 dog- $60 per night; 2 dogs-$110 per night; 3 dogs- $170 per night. Additional discount for stays over 7 nights. Due to the special needs of our age specific pets: dogs over 12 yrs. old and puppies under 8 months old there is an additional $5 fee per dog per day.

Gender related Criteria: Male dogs 1 yr. and over must be neutered. Willing to take Un-spayed females when not in heat.

For Safety Reasons: We require all dogs to be up to date with vaccinations and flea/tick treatment. Please provide copy of current vaccination record at time of drop off.

Additional Dog Services:

Dog Private Walks:

Total time: 30 mins per walk

30-minute dog walks, up to 2 per day: $30 per walk

Car Rides: 

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to put their head out the window! Add a stop at your baby’s favorite drive through for some fries, pup-cup, Puppuccino, and/or shopping for a new toy to cuddle with and take home. 30 min. ride $20 plus cost of toy.

Elite “Paw Packages”

Relaxing Massage (Client Favorite)- $25 for 30 minute deep message. Specialty Bath- $25 (dogs 5- 25lbs); 26- 50 lbs. $32; 51-75 lbs. $40; over 75lbs. $50. This includes soothing warm bath with oatmeal shampoo/conditioner; ear cleaning with cucumber melon fast drying ear solution; towel dry; and brushing. **Done on the day of pick up so your baby goes home smelling clean and fresh. Spa Package- $50 (dogs 5-25lbs); over 25lbs $65 – Includes 30 min. deep relaxing massage and soothing bath plus brush out.

Comfort Services and Mental Enrichment:

Loving care is a given when Dog Boarding your fur baby at Bark N Lounge Pet Resort. But you can also choose extra services to make his or her stay even more fun and enriching.

There is no additional charge for daily positive reinforcement. We provide home-made organic biscuits of your choosing and other treats to continue to instill those healthy habits and behaviors just like at home. These include going potty outside and following commands such as sit, stay, shake hands, roll-over, etc.

30-Minute dog walks- $30 per walk up to 2x per day around our neighborhood

25-30 Minute Individual Play Time- $15 per day; includes playing fetch with tennis ball, frisbee action, or pool time.

Daily Brushing- $15 long hair; $12 short hair

Teeth Brushing- $10 once per day

Doggy Daycare:

Due to the high demand, starting on June 1, 2023 we will be offering doggie day-care 8am-5pm M-F !!! Due to being a small operation, space for daycare is limited based upon the number of dogs we have boarding with us at the time. So please call at least 2-3 days ahead to make your reservation.

​*For Safety Reasons, a meet and greet is still required prior to booking a reservation for daycare.
Price Points for Day-Care

1 Dog- 2-5 hours $30; over 5 hours $40

 2 Dogs- 2-5 hours $55; over 5 hours $75

  3 Dogs- 2-5 hours $80; over 5 hours $110

*Puppies under 8 mos. old or dogs 12yrs.or older – $5 extra
** If medication is needing to be administered during their stay $5 extra

Cat Boarding

What’s Special for our Kittie Friends

We have individual kitty condos with separate eating and litter box area plus scratching pole plus tree perch, cat toys, and lounging area. With all the attention, love and care to bring out the purring and playfulness of all kitties regardless of their age.

1 cat- $25 per night; 2 cats same family- $40 per night; 3 cats same family- $55 per night. Unfortunately at this time we only have the capacity to take 3 cats at one time.

Pet Boarding: Small Mammals and Reptiles

Due to the specific needs of our Small Mammals, Exotics, and Reptiles please call for a quote

Medical Fragile Pets:

We understand how special your family is and needing their medical needs cared for along with lots of love/attention. For our medical fragile and/or elderly friends we offer medication management and Sub-Q fluids (owner to provide fluids/needles and/or medication) upon request at an additional daily fee.

Medication Management: $5 per day for medication; Sub Q fluids $10 per dose.

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Had my dog there when we went on a trip and I felt so comfortable and happy knowing to leave her in such good hands. They are so loving and caring and gave her just wonderful treatment. Definitely recommend them.
Jennifer Nenezic
From the moment we met Patti, we knew our guy was in good hands. Her home is a doggy paradise. I highly recommend Bark N Lounge Pet Resor!
Brittany Maguire
Since I have known Patti since her Vet Tech days, I can say without hesitation that boarding with Patti will provide u with peace of mind that yourw pets will get compassionate, safe and loving care.
Mark Rogart
I feel so comfortable leaving my cats at Bark N Lounge! It’s so nice to know that when I’m away my cats are being taking care of and getting lots of love! 5 stars all around!
Haley Oldt

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