You are currently viewing After years of captivity and abuse, Moti the elephant has finally found peace.

After years of captivity and abuse, Moti the elephant has finally found peace.

Moti, an elephant who was kept captive to entertain tourists, died on 2/18/23. He was 35 years old. Despite the best efforts of activists and veterinarians, Moti could not be saved.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Moti was turned over to Wildlife SOS for help with an extreme infection in both of his upper legs that prevented him from walking or standing but resulted in him only lying on his side. After two weeks of 24-hour careto increase mobility by Activists, Veterinarians, India Military, and Support across the Globe for 2 weeks, Moti passed away.

We light a candle in Moti’s name—in his honor to support his ongoing strength, fight and passion for life! Please don’t let Moti die in vain! Instead, help us empower world-wide education that animals aren’t put here on earth to entertain humans but instead deserve human respect, protection from imprisonment and the ability to live free!

We remember Moti’s strength and passion for life as he fought to survive even though he was denied a natural life in the wild. We also hold him close in our hearts as we remember all of the other animals who suffer at the hands of humans in captivity—animals whose lives were stolen from them so that they can be used as entertainment instead of living free.

Please join us in lighting a candle for Moti tonight and spreading awareness about this injustice!

Let’s make sure people know what really happened to Moti, so they can stop supporting these cruel acts of animal abuse. Let’s spread the word about how you can help animals like Moti, so we can make sure this never happens again!